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Deal will get to the bottom of these accusations about Steve Bannon , er, Trevor, and Nazis in Washington once and for all!

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Does he really think Wonder Woman wrote a note, rang the bell, and ran away?

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The perils of unwomanly behavior: “Wonder Woman Meets Baroness Von Gunther” (1.2)

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Tommy has the good sense to give it to Wonder Woman instead of his dad.

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After Wonder Woman breaks free and rescues Steve and Tommy, she and the Baroness have an epic fight, in that they crash into a bunch of furniture before taking their fisticuffs out on the lawn, where they roll down a hill together.

Description: Luckily, Wonder Woman is on the scene and whisks Steve away in a jeep. Steve is at least smart enough to suspect incarcerated ex-Nazi spy Baroness Von Gunther Christine Belford may know something about his predicament.

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