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Justice is often slow and convictions are rare.

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In one she was wearing a headscarf, in the other her face was covered in garish make-up.

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Rescued from sex slavery, red tape traps Bangladeshi girls in India

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While the two nations are working towards faster returns, the long waits facing dozens of survivors could stymie their efforts to start life afresh back home and leave them vulnerable to being trafficked again, according to activists.

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India and Bangladesh signed a partnership in to speed up repatriations, but how a victim is treated - whether it is their experience with the judiciary or the wait to go home - varies from one Indian state to another, according to activists.

Description: That is due to the high volume of cases, the fact that some victims do not share their home addresses for fear of reprisals against their families, and because relatives cannot always identify them easily after years apart.

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